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Such a nice book! I was afraid it would end up whiny whiny (“I did not get the girl I loved first”) but it ended just the way I wanted it to end. Even better than I thought because the guitar lady also gets some happiness from the guy. Very nice! WHY IS THERE SO […]

14 Mar, 2011

Nuclear Threats

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

I cannot understand how the Japanese nuclear company wants to handle the cooling of so many plants all at once, especially if one of those reactors will really explode and the nuclear fall out will explode or enter the environment. Wouldn’t the poeple working on the cooling of the other reactor nearby die very soon? […]


24 Feb, 2011

Da wünschte ich glatt, ich wäre ein alter Japaner

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

(Lied weg) Übrigens hab ich ja ganz vergessen, dass ich keine Pause habe. Ich muss ja word 2007 lernen. Ich habe aber word 2011 gekauft. Und mein Berater von der Arbeitsagentur hat mir seit 2 Tagen nicht geantwortet, welcher der beste Link ist das online zu lernen. Der arme, ist wohl überlastet, hi hi hi… […]


21 Sep, 2010

Teichiku Song

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

I lost the following song, or lets say youtube Germany did: The song is from 1943, and has been popular among slodiers and sailors. It is sung in Okinawa style. The summary is like this: A girl is thinking of her boyfriend in Malaya (Now Singapore and Malaysia). She says “Chante (the boyfriend) is in […]



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