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04 Jul, 2011

Woody looked a little like Rainald Grebe!

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

I got my last test result already after two days.

This is a “very good” again.

I could have tried to get a “very good” for it all.

But the fifth result messed that up.

So I can just relax about it all.


That means I can finish it all before I “enter” Poland (by walking across a once-was-border).

Before I go banana boat riding in the Baltic Sea.

That means I’ll be very busy the next three days.




Buddhism is totally ALIEN to that man Woody plays here.

Catholicism he finds “well structured”.


Get rid of your son… and the world will be saved….

Not my kind of humour!

I mean the catholics.

I think it is cute that the Jewish poeple have so much patience!

They don’t go round finding prophets.

They wait patiently.

It takes a lot of time.

They understand this better than the others maybe that our time conception is a little too hurried….

What’s 5000 years to Heaven?

They probably look at facebook once in a while if HE has shown up suddenly…

“Schalömmchen!!!” he will go.




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