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07 Jul, 2011

Time Conceptions

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

Waiting not equals Waiting

At first glance I’d say I was always perfectly on time and my Uru is always late.

He’d even say: Be happy and feel honored: I used to be two hours late, with you it’s only one hour.

But if one looks more closely even I am not always on time and I don’t always feel the same about others being late.

When do you get impatient?

What do you think about the other?

If the doctor is 30 minutes late: normal, no fuss

If I expect people to dinner: I expect them to be perfectly on time because I am a hungry one and I cook so that dinner is ready

If train is 30 minutes late: normal lah!

still I think “typical, everyone bitches about German train system”

People invited to my party:  I expect them to be there at 21.30… but they’re bound to show up at midnight…when I just fall asleep

(There are, supposedly, people in Berlin, who get up at 7 am and go right to some “club”, never in my life would I do that)

When I have a date to go eat with my Uru: After 5 minutes I get angry because I am a hungry one

(smartly I should set the date 30 minutes before I want to really meet him…)

When person to job interview is 10 minutes late:   I start to think (s)he is not reliable

When business partner is 10 minutes late:   I start to think (s)he is not reliable

tax adviser: is 10 minutes late: I am leaving

(very hypothetic question as I never went to see one)

long queue has formed at shopping centre: I start laughing and think of Soviet Union, I will not wait



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