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04 Jul, 2011

Son advises me to read a book he read

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

How sweet!

This is the first time HE advises ME what to read.

I ordered him to read 30 minutes before he plays “ill” games on the imac for 30 minutes.

So he read a new book. Something with real sentences, not his favorite crime comic from Japan.

He was disappointed that it was third person narration.

He wanted first person.

Just like me.

Nosy type.

Diary sneakers.

It took him three days to read the first book from a series for youngsters from the süddeutsche zeitung press.

So he advised me to read it. (“The Cookcamp” by Gary Paulsen)

It’s something about world war two in USA or Canada.

He was even disappointed that I kept reading “In Search of Elvis”, very funny book by Charlie Connelly.

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