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06 Jul, 2011

“otla vez alloz”

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That’s Chinese in Spanish. Or Spanish Chinese. Or just making a little fun of Chinese.

“Otra vez arroz?!” – rice AGAIN?!

In a text by the Swiss author Franz Hohler a guy with Hungarian vegetables in his hands says to the other customers in a store that the things one ate in the first 20 years of one’s life, one always wants to eat.


Nowadays I always get my rice extremely….wet!

Not at all like my mommy did it.

Nice and dry and together on one plate with meat and vegetables and sauce a little aside so that one could still see the rice as a white entitiy…

Uruguayan style is rather a soup on the plate. Not one grain of rice is white.

And this terrible habit of not having loads of potatoes but only little slices in that soup type dish and very few of it.

I see the plate and get panicky if I will remain very hungry.

That’s why I am not crazy about eating in an Italian restaurant either. The potato part is barely visible.

In France one gets potatoes. Plus nothing. If I remember correctly.

The rest comes one after the other on five different plates.

Also very unsatifying…for me.

Every time the soup rice comes on the table I am very surprised.

It’s true, the childhood food sits in the brain very very deeply.

That’s why the other part/ner never ever thinks of doing the rice any different from what he knew when HE was a child.

I should stop being so lazy and cook German for once!

He’ll freak out!

I can’t cook like my parents did though.

How must the Eastgermans feel???

A lot of the stuff they had when there was socialism doesn’t exist anymore.


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