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05 Jul, 2011

The Roof in on Fire

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I bought a new guitar chord book with much younger songs than old seventies stuff.

Lots of Beatles, Elvis, Abba and even Boney M.

But also

Travis: Sing + Why Does it Always Rain on me?

Bloodhound Gang: Fire Water Burn + The Bad Touch (“You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals…”)

The Cure: Boys Don’t Cry

Liquido: Narcotic (“And I touched your face…”)

Ideal: Blaue Augen

Oasis: Don’t look back in Anger

UB 40: Red Red Wine

Bad Religion: Twentyfirst Century Digital Boy

Robbie Williams: Angels

U2: Angel of Harlem

Sinaed O’Connor: Nothing Compares to You

Harry! Belafonte: The B-Boat Song

Spliff: Carbonara

Blondie: Maria

Reamonn: Supergirl

Britney Sp: Lucky

(Ha, if Nury did sing Britney Spears I could not stop laughing!!)

Metallica: The Unforgiven

DÖF: Codo (“Ich bin der Hass” = “I am hate”, quite fitting for Berlin talk style)

Bananafishbones: Easy Day

Nena: Nur geträumt

Beastie Boys: Fight for Your Right!

Bangles: Manic Monday

Lenny Kravitz: Again

Weather Girls: It’s Raining Men

Skunk Anansie: Hedonism

Westernhagen: Mit Pfefferminz bin ich dein Prinz

Cindy Lauper: Girls just wanna have fun

Udo L.: Horizont (whince)

Enrique Iglesias (LOL, he can’t sing): Rhythm Divine

Eminem (the hamster we babysitted!): Stan

Alphaville: Forever young (COOL!) (Für immer Punk!!!)

Anastacia: I’m outta Love

Cranberries: Ode to my Family

Blur: Country House

Spice Girls: Wannbe + Viva Forever

Comedian Harmonists: Ich wollt ich wär ein Huhn (That’s from a movie, not from Com..Har..?)

Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side

Europe: Final Countdown (ARGH)

Gebrüder Blattschuss: Kreuzberger Nächte (umpf umpf umpf)

Christophe: Aline (francais)

Blues Brothers: Rahhide

Vangaboys: Uncle John from Jamaica

Grönemeyer: Flugzeuge im Bauch

David Bowie: The man who sold the world

Backstreet Boys: I want it that way

Robbie Williams/Frank Sinatra: Something stupid


And the very worst: “Ein bisschen Frieden” (NICOLE),

very inviting to use very unappropriate words


and the easiest and nicest ever: You never can tell (C, G, C, G, C, G, C, G)

also very easy: Iggy Pop’s “Passenger”:

Am  F  C  G(B) , Am  F  C  G(B), Am  F  C  G(B) and on and on and on

F. R. David. WORDS don’t come easy


One did hear me laughing in that bookstore!


Zlatko: Ich vermiss dich wie die Hölle

aua aua aua

Mickie Krause?????: Zehn nackte Frisösen???????


Intercultural Super-Oldie:

Vico Toriani: “Kalkutta liegt am Ganges! Paris liegt an der Seine”


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