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26 Jun, 2011

Jason should check out Laibach

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They mirror all kinds of authoritarian systems:

Christianity (“Jesus Christ Superstar”; “God is God”)



even plain regular pop music like here Beatles

comment on youtube:

“yeah, they’re actually anti fascism and communism, and have a website where you can apply for a passport for their nation made of no geographical or racial boundaries. their music was originally meant to be a protest message against the communist govt feeding them western rock music as a way of making people think they somehow had freedom, but laibach saw it as trampling on their own culture and wanted communism to fall.”

thymeoperator vor 10 Monaten 6




If you listen to this you really might feel how much fun it might be to be a (bleeding) German soldier…

how this umpf umpf umpf umpf 4/4 beat really is something military in Germany and how these kids in 1939 might have felt when they did not check what they were doing.

One time a colleague of mine stomped away from my desk in this fashion and joked “Oh yeah, somehow this rhythm is in our blood.”

Salsa or hip hop kids may never feel this, lucky they are :-)

This song is really weird! German hunter’s romantic.


Bunte (rote? braune?)

Hirsche wollen wir jagen

in dem grünen grünen Wald?




Also extemely tasteless is what Germans sing at Ballermann on Mallorca!!!

Reinald Grebe tells this at a prize receiving.

Golden record for lyrics that say:

“Three horny/cool/nice holes you got

Three horny holes you got –

but one of those is blanting/talking too much for my taste.”



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