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28 Jun, 2011

Arbeitsamt wants to see me in August!

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Aiyeaah! Dont want!

But then again, they leave me 5 weeks (of hot summer vacation) to prepare some useless applications going with the good ones that I really did send and that didn’t work.

It is yet another person.

Why do they shovel my papers/person around?

I never met the guy who was buerocrating me for the last 6 months.

Maybe I should go secretary…

That would be giving up in my eyes.

Giving up job where I can decide things.

Secretaries may be very powerful in their own way but they do not decide anything but the colour of the pens…

I found a beautiful add for a secretary job by some hotshot desginer in Berlin. Among many many others.

But secreatary is not what I want to do.

Editor is fine.

But they only look for internet marketing and hide it behind the word editor.

Lots of editors have lost their job.


I had fun preparing some class today with the ASIAN group.

(Psssssht. It’s a test task, don’t ever speak about it!)

I made Nury talk to the kitchen assistant in German.

(The cook didn’t want contact.)

He knew what Mittagessen was.

Something warm and lots of it.

He was glad it was going to be SCHWEINEBRATEN mit Kartoffeln.

Just what he wanted: local food made by locals.


(My Dad has a something to rent in Mecklenburg in case any Asian or other tourist really wants to visit Mecklenburg.)

But then he looked so hungry that she offered to make him a STULLE.

There he was lost.

Bread, ok, why bread, how bread? Sandwich lah?

That was already enough of cultural meeting with food for one little text/class.

There was no more time so speak about praying room or chappel or shrine or five times a day carpet. Other tourists might want to know.

A little funny side kick to the Goethe-Insitut is that I wrote:

Asians use to carry an ipad with them. So there is no worry about students having access to internet. They don’t go anywhere without internet. Unlike lots of Germans.

(Nothing like that outdated material the institut uses , 15 years old, 20 years old, nothing with internet almost. Come ON!!!)

Isn’t it funny how the sides are changing?

Now Asians are totally up to date technically and the Germans are slowly trotting behind somehow…

It used to be funny that an Indian would tell me via call center from India how to find my way in Berlin.

Now I might have to move to India to tell richer Germans how to find their way round Berlin (of which I know next to nothing!)


But what Goethe-Institut teaches is very good!

Nothing to nag about.

They must allow for more chat and discussion of the teachers to be in the internet though. They just started that. Right now they are still very picky about the test questions. But how can I know what those are going to be? Maybe I want to write about exactly that topic to others….


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