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22 Jun, 2011

Liftie, how’s your Chinese?

Posted by: Bianca Schlimm In: Job Search Campain

What is she singing about so melancholyly (?)

It is from 1947 youtube says.

I’ll take my son to a Chinese calligraphie class next week, when the summer vacation has started.

Guess what: I just discovered a very nice band called BEIRUT!

Now I think liftuanian hymn will be a waltz with guitar and brass!!

PS: If you are big boss Liftlurrki please do invent some job for me!

I don’t know what to do.

I wanted to be a stewardess with 18 but I was too blind for Lufthansa!

My first intuition though was that you are a colleague of Nury, sitting in the same office, and that you two joke about fooling us all…


As to “Captain my captain”

I cannot believe any longer that Frau Freitag is an English teacher.

She never speaks about literature.

She is crying sometimes, that is good and normal.

But she never cries because she cannot do any LITERATURE with her students. Or if she does we never hear about it.

Is Hauptschule really so much off? That would be desaster!

Instead she keeps copying a lot of real dialogues from “chidren’s facebook”

I think she means YAPI.

She does not discuss if this is pc.

I think it is not.

And it might be all made up or copied from the internet.

She doesn’t answer quite a lot of questions.

I can now see how an editor team is writing this.

Fitting to the publisher this should not come as a surprise.

That would be a pity.

I like REAL writing.

2 Responses to "Liftie, how’s your Chinese?"

1 | LL

June 26th, 2011 at 12:14


Hi Bianca, I am also just a lowly employee. Uncle Nury has many many contacts. Maybe he can help you. I am sure he can see you have talent for writing (in 2 languages!).

Your post in his website are very funny and perceptive in crazy way and getting funnier each day.

No, I do not sit with Uncle Nury. I am not in Hong Kong.

Good luck :-) :-)

2 | Bianca Schlimm

June 26th, 2011 at 13:53


Now you really made my day!!
It’s too nice to post (for modest woman) but since I am really frustrated today I do it anyway.
Actually POVERTY SUCKS is not so very funny.
And people sticking thing in their body like a hearing aid that would mess up their balance systems in an addictive way is not so very funny…(they mess with hormones all the time, women do). My Uru thinks the Cambodian woman would really sell her child….I hope he is not right.
But the worst things too need humour. Even holocaust, as you said.

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